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The Overseas Division provides copyright clearance services for the use of copyrighted works of foreign origin, mainly UK and US titles. As public awareness of intellectual property rises, there is a growing demand for copyright clearance for foreign titles. It is crucial to create networks with publishing companies around the world.

JCEA is a recognized portal for permission requests issued in Japan to Oxford University Press UK.

Over 70 UK higher educational institutions have subscribed to HERON, which provides copyright clearance and digitization services. We are the only Heron member in Asia.

We aim to speed up the permission process by continuing to build on our good relationship with the British Library, The Publishers Association, and The Copyright Licensing Agency, all in the UK.

Addison Wesley
Addison Wesley Longman
Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.
Allyn and Bacon
AP Watt Ltd
Artech House, Inc.
Avalon Publishing Group
Better-Koehler Publishers, Inc.
Blackwell Publishing
Brookings Institution Press
Cambridge University Press
Charles Letts & Co. Ltd.
Collins Cobuild
Compass Publishing
CQ Press
Crown Publishers
Dorling Kindersley Limited
Dover Publications Inc.
Duke University Press
Edinburgh University Press Ltd.
Edition Peters
Fawcett Books
Foundation Center
Fourth Estate Ltd.
Greenwood Press
Guilford Press
Harper Collins Publishers, Inc.
Harvard University Press
Health Communications, Inc.
Heinle & Heinle
Henry Holt & Company
Hodder and Stoughton
Houghton Mifflin Company
Indiana University Press
Jamestown Education
John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
Lawrense Erlbaum Associates
Little Brown Book Group
Liverpool University Press
Longman Asia ELT
Longman ELT
Longman Group Ltd. UK
Lynne Rienner Publishers
M. Evans and Company, Inc.
Macmillan Publishers Limited.
Max Hueber Verlag
McGraw-Hill Education
MIT Press
National Geographic Society
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
Orion Publishing Group
Oxford University Press (Academic)
Oxford University Press (ELT)
Palgrave Macmillan
Pantheon Books
Pearson Education
Penguin Books Ltd. (UK)
Penguin Group Inc. (USA)
Persues Books
Peter Lang Publishing
Pew Internet & American Life Project
Phoenix Press
Pi Press
Prentice Hall
Prentice-Hall (Pearson Education)
Psycology Press
Random House (UK)
Random House Inc. (US)
Red Herring
Research & Education Association
Rodale Books
Roger J. Davis
Routledge (UK)
SAGE Publications
Scholastic Library Publishing, Inc.
Simon & Schuster
St. Martin's Griffin
St. Martin's Press
Steck-Vaughn Company
Stewart, Tabori & Chang (Harry N. Abrams,Inc.)
Thames & Hudson
Thomas Telford Ltd.
Thomson / Routledge
Thomson Learning
Thunder's Mouth Press
Transworld Publishers
The University of Chicago Press
University of Toronto Press
Vintage UK
W.W. Norton & Company Inc.
Wadsworth Publishing Company
Weidenfeld & Nicolson
W.H. Freeman
William Heinemann
Workman Publishing Company
Yale University Press
Zander Press
Newspaper Companies
Associated Press
Guardian Newspapers Ltd
International Herald Tribune
San Francisco Chronicle
The Economist Newspaper Ltd.
The Guardian
The Independent
The New York Times
The Observer
The Smoky Mountain Sentinel
Times Literary Supplement
US News
USA Today
Magazine Publishers
American Chemical Society Publication Division
ASHRAE Publications
Business Week
Conde Nast Publications
IPC Media Limited
London Review of Books
Maclean's Magazine
National Trust Magazine
Popular Science
Psychology Today
Scientific American, Inc.
The Economist
The Electrochemical Society
The National Geoglaphic
Time Inc.
Alexander Nikolaevich Panov (The Anbassador of the Russian Federation)
Bryan Sykes
Cecil Balmond
Christopher Gillie
Dmitry Karshtedt
Dodie Kazanjian
Edward Bonver
Giovanni Boccardi
James A. Banks
Jill Walker
KaeChoong Lee
Klein Lewis Productions (Naomi Klein)
Lili Fabilli Osborne
Maurice Bange
Nicholas Gregory Mankiw
Philip Gilbert Hamerton
Tanguera Lonely Shell
Tiffany Ana L_pez
Tina Blue
Literary Agents
Bereau des Copyrights Francais
Bill Adler
Brockman, Inc.
David Higham Associates Ltd
Dorrie Simmonds Agency
Frances Collin Literary Agent
Harold Ober Associates, Inc.
International Creative Management Inc.
Japan Uni Agency
Patti Breitman
Ralph M. Vicinanza Ltd. (Estate of Isaac Asimov)
Roberta Pryor Inc.
The Wylie Agency
Tuttle Mori Agency
William Morris Agency
Collective Management Organization
The Society of Authors
Copyright Licensing Organization
Copyright Clearance Center
Others Organizations
Airport Authority Hong Kong
American Medical Association
London's Transport Museum
Royal Economic Society
UK Office for National Statistics
WebMD Inc.
Worldwatch Institute